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I started uploading some releases on Spotify. You can check it here

Also, you can check a playlist of old and new tracks here

iTunes releases are here

Bandcamp (with a few more releases at the moment).

More releases coming soon.



Featuring music by Emika, L.U.C.A., Thundercat, Wayne Snow, Carl Craig, Murcof, Floating Points, Daniel Brandt… and many more.






Playlist on Spotify



Season 1 of INTERMEZZO, curated by Cecilia Dossan and myself, is available for streaming on Gioconda Radio. With the words of Mario Merz, Carla Accardi, Iannis Kounellis, Maria Lai, Alighiero Boetti, Carol Rama, Lucio Fontana.

WAX UP! @Radio Raheem

Back in November I was guest at Luca Barcellona‘s Show on Radio Raheem.

We played some jazz, soundtrack, hip hop and soul records.


Intermezzo Radio Show

INTERMEZZO is a monthly broadcast that gives voice to a great crew of Italian visual artists of the 20th century. Sometimes, during a sort of digital ritual, in a limited space and time, and just, on Gioconda Radio, the selected artists reveal themselves through music to the ones who listen, giving some food for thoughts about art, life as art, art as life, private obsessions and funny stories, which have never been heard before.The programme aims to actualize a recent fertile and memorable Italian art past and to talk about art through music with old and recent sounds. Because art, as music, is an endless story. This sound project is curated by Paine Cuadrelli and Cecilia Dossan, in collaboration with Federica Panelli and in dialogue with artists’ archives and foundations.

More info and episodes on Gioconda Radio


Storie Milanesi Live (Episodio 1)




















“Storie Milanesi Live” è uno straordinario racconto della città che unisce le parole dello scrittore Gianni Biondillo e i paesaggi sonori di Paine Cuadrelli. 3 appuntamenti per riscoprire Milano attraverso le biografie di artisti, architetti, designer, scrittori e collezionisti.
Primo episodio l’11 ottobre.

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Una produzione Triennale Teatro dell’Arte e Fondazione Pini

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