20 years ago, in may 1999, my first album “Simplemente Asì” was released on the Temposphere label.

I was 23, and felt very lucky to have the opportunity to publish my music.

I thank my then publisher / label manager Rocco Pandiani who believed in me, and all the partners-in-crime / friends who made the record possible.


Maria Soledad Tuliàn (voice on “Simplemente Asì”)

Alioscia Bisceglia aka BB DAI (voice on “L’Alchimista”)

Lele Sacchi (guest producer on “Milano Flava”)

Dj EM (guest producer on “Lunedì Mattina”)

Michele Ranauro (piano on “Conosco i miei piani”)

Gak Sato @ Right Tempo Lab (Executive Production and Mix)

Pardo @ Sanantoniorocksquat Studio (Mix of “L’Alchimista”)

Alberto Cutolo @ Elettroformati (Mastering)


Alessandro Brasile: Photos

Massimo Pitis @ Vitamina: Graphic Design


Claudio Sinatti @ Sun-Wu Kung

Simplemente Así video by Claudio Sinatti / Sun Wu-Kung
Simplemente Así album launch party at Tunnel Milano, 1999

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