Playlist for the Project SIGHT ‘N SOUNDS by photographer Lorenzo Barassi.

Lorenzo Barassi says:

“Sight’n Sounds #002
Special guest: @painecuadrelli
Rules: 1 photo, 10 tracks, 1 playlist
How does this sound to you?

I met Painé at the end of the 90’s back in Milano: at that time he was a very young DJ living at SanAntonioRockSquat.
I remember him playing at Tunnel, the coolest club in Milano during those years.
Dj sets together with artists from @ninjatune label together with @lelesacchi
He also introduced me to Claudio Sinatti, one of the most talented director and videographer I ever met.
He chose a picture which I call “Issei Miyake’s concrete dress”, and crafted a stunning playlist for the picture.
I guess showed me how good is to change the mood of my own work, while still keeping an original style and roots.”