A collaborative project made with British sound artist Robin Rimbaud aka Scanner.

He says:

“Painè Cuadrelli is a sound designer, music producer and DJ based in Italy. He works in the intersections between electronic music, mixed-media and sonic memory, collaborating with Institutions, museum and design and fashion brands. It was this ‘commercial’ connection that appealed to us both, since we’d both designed and scored countless fashion shows and ads with anyone ever knowing it was us!

So we produced this new work which we premiered in Milan Italy in 2016 focusing only on the sound design that saturates our lives, from TV to films, computers to phones. Listening back you will probably recognise much of the sound on it, but combined in new ways telling a new story in sound.”


released September 4, 2020

Produced by Painè Cuadrelli and Robin Rimbaud