Finally available on the major digital platforms, some releases I produced (as Painé) on the Temposphere label, electronic sub-division of Right Tempo / Easy Tempo, plus some previously unreleased materials..

SPONTANEOUS (2023 Remastered)

My Second album, featuring Steve Piccolo, Luca Gemma, Caterina Lazagna and my partner in crime DJ Fonx (from I Maniaci Dei Dischi). Originally released in 2003 in double vinyl and CD.


Supporting the Spontaneous album, Temposphere released two 12 inches with remixes.

“Bene” (featuring DJ FONX) with remixes by Quantic, The Herbaliser vs Flying Fish and Boogie Drama (aka Lele Sacchi & Sandiego)

“Spontaneous” (featuring STEVE PICCOLO) with remixes by Volcov and Gak Sato


This is a collection of tracks that I produced before, around and after the “Simplemente Asì” album, plus some remixes, instrumental and previously unrelased materials. Inside the album/compilation my first collaboration with Gak Sato (Into The Temposphere) and “Promenade”, my very first release. Also, some alternate and instumental mixes from “Simplemente Asì” (Conosco i miei Piani, L’Alchimista, Sino all’ultimo respiro), plus the Raw Deal remixes of the title track and finally some tracks that were available only in one copy of vinyl-dubplate (Feelin’, Breakbeat is a concept, Adios).