An immersive installation by Studiopepe celebrating women’s empowerment, diversity, and creativity through a series of sound performances on the theme of voice and choir.

The Arena di Verona Foundation’s 100th Opera Festival is represented through Aida’s visionary costumes, designed by Stefano Poda.

UN SUONO / UNISONO, the choir performance and sound environment exemplify the harmony of collective expression.

Contribute your voice to a living mix of sound in our interactive recording pod, expressing what freedom means to you in any way you wish

UniCredit presents UNI SONOS
Installation and Exhibition
Performances by Choir of Accademia Corale Stefano Tempia (daily 5 pm and 7.30 pm)

April 15-20, h 10:00-20:00
Via Borromei, 5 Milano

In collaboration with:
Arena di Verona Foundation @arenadiverona

Creative Direction: @studiopepe_official

Director, Set, Costume, Lighting Designer, Choreographer: @stefanopoda

Sound Design and original music by @painecuadrelli

Agency @aes_eventsascommunication

photos @silviarivoltella
sound recordings / video @matteocolzi_