Orion – single

Painè Cuadrelli
Orion – Single
Released 20/7/2018

Produced and composed by Painé Cuadrelli for Compl8 Produzioni

Photography by Daniel Hammer

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Maggio 1968: La Tempesta Perfetta







Maggio 1968: La Tempesta Perfetta

29 – 31 MAY 2018

h: 20:00

Triennale di Milano

A show to relive the occupation of the Palazzo dell’Arte during the XIV Triennale exhibition.

“Nostalgic of the ‘vecchia Milano’, go and listen to Gianni Biondillo and Painè Cuadrelli.” La Stampa

Telling the stories of the city of Milan through archive material has become the trademark of the duo composed by Gianni Biondillo and Painè Cuadrelli. After the success of Storie Milanesi Live (2017), FOG presents the world premiere of Maggio 1968: la tempesta perfetta, a piece which brings back to life the occupation of the Palazzo dell’Arte during the XIV Triennale. This was an exhibition visited by very few, despite the prestigious names in the programme, including authors, artists and architects. What has remained in the collective memory is the taking over of the museum building by factory workers, students and artists on the opening day. The performance is a multidisciplinary project in which storytelling meets theatre, music and video projections to guide the audience through the frenzy of the ten days that marked a new way of engaging with the contemporary world.


Gianni Biondillo is a traveler, author and architect has been publishing for Guanda since 2004. He is known for his mystery novels with Inspector Ferraro. During these years he has written about  various subjects such as architecture, psycho-geography, travels, eros and fairytales.  In 2011 his novel I materiali del killer received the Premio Scerbanenco-La Stampa and the Prix Violeta Negra in France. In 2016 he published a history novel on the Futurists called Come sugli alberi le foglie. He writes for both cinema and television, he is part of the editorial staff of “Nazione Indiana” and publishes regularly for various daily and national press outlets. His works have been translated in various European languages.

Painè Cuadrelli is a musical producer, sound designer and dj, active in the field for more than 20 years. He is a reference point when it comes to Italian electronic music and the relation between sound and media. From his studio in Milan he composes and produces music for films, documentaries, installations, exhibitions, runways and communication projects. He has collaborated with national and international radio stations producing various programs. His projects also include working on combinations between electronic music, mixed-media and sound memory through collaborations with various institutions, museums, fashion and design companies. He has produced three albums Simplemente Asì, Spontaneous, Hey Presto! for the label Right Tempo  as well as collaborated with international artists on creating remixes (Soslo, GaMaPaWa). He is the coordinator of the Sound Design major in IED Milan where he also teaches. He is the founder and artistic director of the mixed-media platform Compl8 Produzioni through which he produces discs, multimedia content and other musical initiatives.


text and interpretation: Gianni Biondillo
music: Painè Cuadrelli
production: FOG Triennale Milano Performing Arts


INFO @Triennale.org

Adidas Deerupt


Interactive sound installation


Transforming sounds with a unique and personal gesture, “touch” the sound,  modulate the sounds through different actions and interactions.


A 6 x 6 metres structure with an interactive grid that can be played as a tactile instrument, developed for the worldwide launch of Adidas Deerupt sneakers.

The grid, made of rope, and embedded on the main structure, can be pushed, pulled and manipulated by the audience, activating dynamic-sensitive real time instruments.

As the interaction goes, a music track composed by the Italian producer Charlie Charles is revealed, allowing the audience to play in tune (an on time) with the instrumental piece.

The installation can be played by one or more people, creating a wide combination of sonic content, musical or percussive.

As the interaction stops, the music track leaves space for a minimalistic soundscape.


A series of digital synthesisers, samplers and effects were designed exclusively for the installation using Ableton Live 10

The interaction system and software was programmed/designed on Cycling 74’s Max/Msp.

Sound system: Stereo.



Client: Adidas

Agency/Concept: Gound Control

Project and sound design: Painé Cuadrelli

Interaction design and programming: Mattia Trabucchi

Music: Charlie Charles

Location: Colonne di San Lorenzo, Milano, March 22-25 2018

News December 2017


Some news (and happy 2018!)








I started uploading some releases on Spotify. You can check it here

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Featuring music by Emika, L.U.C.A., Thundercat, Wayne Snow, Carl Craig, Murcof, Floating Points, Daniel Brandt… and many more.






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Season 1 of INTERMEZZO, curated by Cecilia Dossan and myself, is available for streaming on Gioconda Radio. With the words of Mario Merz, Carla Accardi, Iannis Kounellis, Maria Lai, Alighiero Boetti, Carol Rama, Lucio Fontana.

WAX UP! @Radio Raheem

Back in November I was guest at Luca Barcellona‘s Show on Radio Raheem.

We played some jazz, soundtrack, hip hop and soul records.


Intermezzo Radio Show

INTERMEZZO is a monthly broadcast that gives voice to a great crew of Italian visual artists of the 20th century. Sometimes, during a sort of digital ritual, in a limited space and time, and just, on Gioconda Radio, the selected artists reveal themselves through music to the ones who listen, giving some food for thoughts about art, life as art, art as life, private obsessions and funny stories, which have never been heard before.The programme aims to actualize a recent fertile and memorable Italian art past and to talk about art through music with old and recent sounds. Because art, as music, is an endless story. This sound project is curated by Paine Cuadrelli and Cecilia Dossan, in collaboration with Federica Panelli and in dialogue with artists’ archives and foundations.

More info and episodes on Gioconda Radio


Storie Milanesi Live (Episodio 1)




















“Storie Milanesi Live” è uno straordinario racconto della città che unisce le parole dello scrittore Gianni Biondillo e i paesaggi sonori di Paine Cuadrelli. 3 appuntamenti per riscoprire Milano attraverso le biografie di artisti, architetti, designer, scrittori e collezionisti.
Primo episodio l’11 ottobre.

Info ► triennale.org/teatro
Biglietti ► http://bit.ly/2fxmFlG

Una produzione Triennale Teatro dell’Arte e Fondazione Pini

Piano City Milano 2017




PIANO NIGHT @ Santeria Social Club

Una notte di concerti in cui il pianoforte è accompagnato dall’elettronica e le musiche spaziano da quelle dei pionieri di questo repertorio, come Stockhausen, Riley e Curran (presente in duo), fino ai talenti d’oggi della scena più underground.
Ingresso libero fino a esaurimento posti.
0.00 Alvin Curran e Ciro Longobardi

1.00 Grandbrothers

2.00 Francesco Tristano
F. Tristano, J. S. Bach

3.00 Cesare Picco
Paine Cuadrelli Beat and sound design
in collaborazione con Yamaha
In collaborazione con Red Bull Music Academy

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